Written Work

Writing is a passion of mine.

I used to write for casual fun, starting with small stories for my teachers and parents about whatever interested me at the time, and it continued on growing up. I wrote fanfiction, posted a few online, which urged me to write for entertainment. It was a hobby to write fanfiction– a strong interest because I loved to write about TV shows or movies I watched.

Things changed when I entered university. I studied Conflict Resolution Studies and Psychology, but I never wanted to write for it on a daily basis because I worried that I would burn out. Times have changed and with my educational background, I wanted to spread my knowledge through written pieces.

What will be written?

I’ll be writing for both entertainment and information. I’ll be writing stories about whatever comes to mind, and articles about daily topics that everyone faces. Everything will be of varying lengths, but stick with me and let me take you on a journey either to another place with my stories or another train of thought with my articles.