Would you take a gap year after high school?

Would you? If you’re a current high school student, or perhaps a person thinking in retrospect, would you want that gap year after high school before joining the workforce or going onto post-secondary education? Not everyone thinks about this and they jump right into the next phase of their life. For some people, they have to jump into that next phase due to circumstances in life, but there are people who have that choice. So, today, I’ll be focusing about people who have the option of taking the gap year.

I want to reach out to those who have the choice of taking a gap year because in retrospect, I feel like it would’ve been a great time to learn about myself and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I’m sure plenty of people feel the same way. Those in high school simply jump into the next phase of their life just because a) they want to, b) their parents told them to. I say unless you really know what you’re doing, don’t jump into post-secondary education right off the bat because it could be awfully expensive depending where you are and you wouldn’t want to waste your time and money, would you?

Today, I’ll be skipping the hypothetical case study and discussing my personal take on the gap year.

To me, I believe the gap year would’ve been a great chance for me to figure out what I wanted to do in life. Right after high school, I threw myself into the pool of high school graduates immediately going into university simply because a) it made sense, b) it was what my parents wanted. I didn’t really know better, so I thought it was crazy some people weren’t going to university or college after high school.

I went into university not knowing what to expect and not knowing what to do. I thought I had it all figured out coming from high school, but in actuality I was one of the many young adults overestimating themselves. Since I wasn’t sure about what to do in university, I spent a lot of time switching majors (which in itself isn’t a bad thing because interests change through the years) instead of focusing on what I wanted to do.

In my opinion, had I taken the gap year I could’ve done more on looking into what I wanted in my future. Instead of following the pack, I could’ve figured out more of who I was and what it was I was interested in. Luckily, I didn’t spend too much time at university and graduated in a good time frame, but the lack of self-knowledge was bothersome. I went in without a clue and I left university in the same boat.

What was I supposed to do with a degree I basically waded through university to get? I had an idea of what I wanted to do after university, but it was a vague idea I had yet to fully flesh out and understand. I’m still wading through life hoping to flesh out the idea and I’m okay with that because of life circumstances and I’m accepting the cards I’ve been dealt.

If I were to go over that instance of my life, would I take that gap year? Yes.

I say, take the gap year. There are so many reasons to do so. Like I’ve said, you would learn more about yourself, you would know what to do if you went into post-secondary education, you would have a better idea of what you want to do, and you would have a better sense of how to possibly navigate the real world. That gap year doesn’t have to be spent thinking about what you want to do, but also pursuing things you wanted to do but couldn’t because of school.

Take your time because life after high school is different. You want to make it as amazing as possible because that’s when things start to really count. Don’t rush into anything unless it’s absolutely necessary because no one is really keeping track of your progress but yourself. In this day and age, progress isn’t measured in time anymore. Measure yourself by your personal, social and career accomplishments because you could achieve so many things other people may never achieve in their lifetime. Take it easy and give yourself that time to know yourself.

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