The world started to tilt beneath her feet. She was sure that wasn’t the case, especially since she was human, but everything was moving to the side. She watched as her best friend stare at her with a frown marring her face, betrayal exuding from her.

“You spent all these months lying to me?”

The question was jarring to her ears. The tone even more so when she had never heard her friend speak to her in that way. She swallowed and slowly nodded her head, looking for something to lean onto.

“I may have kept things from you, but this… this is much larger than anything—”

Her ears stopped hearing what was said to her. Her mind grew fuzzy as she watched the other woman approach her. She felt something utterly wrong in the situation, but she ignored it. All she could focus on was how dizzy and tired she was.

Step by step, she counted her friend’s movements toward her. Her eyes caught sight of the clenched fists by the woman’s sides and wondered when things went wrong. She tightened her jaw and was face to face with who she assumed was about to be her former friend. Anything she wanted to say remained caught in her throat and mind.


The word caught her attention and she felt a pain in her side. She looked down and saw blood dripping down the side of her shirt where a small knife had cut her. She lifted her head and saw the anger on her friend’s face.

“Bleed… like the rest of us; you’re human now.”

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